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Contract Number Contract Name  
10010.66and10011.66 Design Build Services for New Boarding Area B Reconstruction Project and Terminal 1 Center Renovation Project view detail
10012.66 Design Build Services for Terminal 1 Baggage Handling System Project view detail
10071.66 Design-Build Services for Terminal 3 West Modernization and Boarding Area F Passenger Boarding Bridge Projects view detail
10071.76 Design-Build Services for Terminal 3 West Modernization Project view detail
10511.66 Design-Build Services for Airport Security Infrastructure Program view detail
10511.76 Design-Build Services for Airport Security Infrastructure Program view detail
10512.66 Design Build Services for Lot D Improvements and PARCS Automation Project view detail
10642 Detector Loops Replacement at North and West Fields Checkpoints view detail
11001.66 Design-Build Services for Wayfinding Enhancement Program view detail
11002.66 Design-Build Services for International Terminal Checked Baggage Inspection System Modernization and Baggage Handling Improvements Project view detail
11055.66 Design-Build Services for the Boarding Area A Gate Enhancements Project view detail
8226.A Design Build Services for West Field Cargo Redevelopment Facility, Phase I view detail
8427C.66 Design-Build Services for The Mel Leong Treatment Plant, Industrial Wastewater and Recycled Water Upgrades Project view detail
8465C.66 Design-Build Services for the Superbay Hangar Fire Suppression System Replacement Project view detail
8768.66 Design-Build Services for Airport Hotel Project view detail
8823 Domestic Terminal Garage Concrete Deck Resurfacing view detail
8933 Design-Build Services for As-Needed Baggage Handling Systems Improvements view detail
8970 Design-Build Services for Technical Security System Improvements view detail
8974.A Design-Build Services for Terminal 3, Boarding Area E Refurbishment Project view detail
9015.A Design Build Service For Replacement Airport Traffic Control Tower and Integrated Facilities Project view detail
9024.A Design-Build Services for IT and T3BAF view detail
9034.66 Design-Build Services for the Demolition of the Terminal 2 Air Traffic Control Tower Project view detail
9036 Design-Build Services for TSA Baggage Screening Safety and Optimization Project view detail
9048.A Design-Build Services for Terminal 3 Checkpoint Project view detail
9242.A Design Build for Plot 2 Employee Parking Lot view detail
9319 Domestic Terminals Lower Level Crosswalk Lighting view detail
9322.66 Design-Build Services for the Renovation of Cargo Buildings 900 and 944 Project view detail